Space debris represents a serious threat to future satellites. Credit ESA.

The brilliant 16th century astronomer who built Uraniborg: a renaissance masterpiece and the astronomical wonder of the world

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

The planet Venus. Long thought to be Earth’s ‘twin’, its average surface temperature is 460⁰C and surface pressure 90 times Earth’s making it extremely hostile to life. Its atmosphere consists of dense clouds of sulphuric acid which are also very unwelcoming for life; however there are ‘acidophiles’ on Earth that prefer acidic conditions. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

How Physics Was Introduced Into Astronomy For The First Time

The motion of the ‘star’ Mars according to Ptolemy, from a first edition of Kepler’s Astronomia Nova (1609). Image credit: Bonhams

Saturn’s moon Titan has more in common with the Earth than any other known world

Saturn, the jewel of our Solar System. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltec/Space Science Institute

Brian Skidmore

Architect for the Lunar Pathfinder mission at SSTL. Masters in Radio Astronomy (Jodrell Bank, UK) and Natural Sciences with Physics and Astronomy (OU, UK).

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